Sunday, 2 October 2016

Food decoration ideas

Some ideas about food decoration:
Decoration is a great art. This art not apply only in homes, gardens, bedrooms, washroom, kitchen and on our dresses but it also apply in our foods.
When we prepare our food before eating if we decorate it our appetite increase and we enjoy more our food.

Food decoration are many different ways to make food good looking, beautiful and tasty. When we invite some guest on meal to our home we especially give attention to food preparation and it's decoration because if dishes are very tasty and delicious but it's presentation are not so good then it's taste going to faint mean not enjoyable so it is necessary that we must give attention to food presentation and it's decoration and make our food more enjoyable.

How to decorate food dishes?

There are many ways to decorate food.
1:First of all use beautiful pots for decoration because beautiful pots enhance the beauty and looking of food. If we make a simple dish or salad, when we decorate it, it's presentation look more beautiful and taste enjoyable.
Sometimes we not feel appetite but when we see meal presentation we feel hungry our self and eat hurry .

2: Secondly green leaves are most important in every kind of food decoration. It enhance food beauty naturally.
Due to green leaves food presentation looking fresh and suitable to our eyes because natural greenry give relief to our eyes, mind and heart.

For food decoration we mostly use fresh lotus, reddish leafs, carrot leafs, green coriander and mint leafs. It make food presentation more beautiful.

3: Thirdly salad cutting are more important in decoration. Suitable cutting look beautiful. uneven cutting are not looking good and decoration are not beautiful look.
There are many cutters are available for cutting vegetables and fruits who gives very beautiful shapes.

4: Not only vegetables and fruits salads we decorate all kinds of our daily food.
Fast food decoration are also important. Food taste increased due to it.

When we going to restaurants for meal we feel hungry our self when we saw food presentation if food taste are not so good but it's presentation makes it's taste too much good and we enjoy it .

5: Some masalas make food presentation and it's decoration more beautiful and delicious because sweet spicy smells of masalas came out from it. We mostly use black pepper, dried coriander powder and Cumin powder on our dishes due to beautiful spicy smell.

Meal spicy fragrance and beautiful decoration or presentation and it's looking are cause of appetite. These are the agents that increased appetite.