Monday, 3 October 2016

Home cultivation in Pakistan

Home cultivation ideas:
Home cultivation is a good habit and hobby. It is very useful for mankind. It's make home looking beautiful and natural fresh greenry promote in Garden. 
My own cultivated ladyfinger plant.

There are many benefits of home cultivation :
Benefits of home cultivation:
1: Due to home cultivation you can save your money and time.
2: Home cultivation fulfill hose hold needs.
3: you make your spare time useful in hard work.
4: Beautiful look of greenry and flowers fragrance make your home's garden beautiful.
5: Home cultivation can also reduce pollution which is great problem of the world.
Home cultivation doing every country of the world even on very large and small scale. You can cultivate plants on your backyard and in small soil pots.

In homes mostly cultivate vegetables, fruits, flowers and some trees for shadow.  There are some necessary home Cultivation ideas :
Cultivation ideas:
1: First of all use sunny place where easily sun rays available.
2: Make the soil smooth and no stones or rocks present in it.
3: Make rows in place of cultivation for straight aliment of vegetables also use threads or rope for this purpose.
4: Sow the plant seeds in 1-2 inches in soil apart coriander and spinach seeds scattered freely in soil only half inches.
5: Give water and fertilizers for better growth of plants. Water give on daily basis to plants.
6: Crushed egg shells and animals wastage use as fertilizer.
7: If insects attack on plants then use insects killing spray on it.
In winter season most growing vegetables are reddish, carrot, cabbage, onion, garlic,  salad leaves,  Peas etc and in fruits are kino, Apple, oranges etc. 

In summer season most growing vegetables are bringles, pumpkin, green chillis, potatoes, tomatoes, ladyfingers etc and in fruits are mango, Mellon, watermelon etc.
My home cultivation :
I grow many plants in my home who makes my home look very beautiful and charming. I grow vegetables, ladyfingers,  lemon,  coriander, mint, chilli etc flowers and some fruits tree kino and guava. When ever rainy season come my garden look more beautiful fresh greenry look every where all around to my home. These are my own cultivated plants.

Green chilli plants 

Lemon plant

Guava plant

Lemon plant 

Lemon flower

Ladyfingers flower