Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How to make pheni sweet recipe

How to make pheni recipe Desi food:

Pheni recipe is a very tasty sweet dish. It is  mostly make on Eid or Diwali events. It is very easy to cook and take very short time. 

It is more tasty and delicious than vermicelli. Children like to eat pheni. It is cook with milk and also eat in dried farm.


Milk: 1/2 kg
Pheni: 2 cup
Cardamom: 2-3
Sugar: according to your taste
Almond: 5-6 for garnish

Take a tensile add 1/2 kg milk, Cardamom and sugar in to it on burner and boil it. After 3 to 4 minutes add 2 cup pheni in to it and boil for only 2 minutes and closed the burner. Now it is ready make garnish with almond on it.