Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Desi Raita

Desi Raita recipe :

Raita is a very tasty and very easy recipe. Raita is a major part of any types of dishes and food. It is very easy to prepare and take very short time for preparation.

Raita is used with rice dishes , meat dishes, pakore, samosay, fries etc. So it is necessary with meal especially in lunch and dinner.
There are different types of raita, it may be mint raita or black pepper and Cumin raita,  Vegetables mixed raita etc.

I prepare a Desi style raita it is very tasty and delicious in taste. It is very easy I am used anardana or pomegranate seeds in it so it taste is wonderful and very nice

Desi Raita
Desi Raita

It is very easy to prepare now we discuss about it's presentation.

Ingredients :

Yogurt: 1 cup
Mint leafs: half cup
Anardana (pomegranate seeds): 1 tsp
Cumin: half tsp
Salt: less than half tsp

Preparation :

1: Make a paste of mint, Anardana, Cumin and salt.

2: Add above paste into yogurt and mixed them well until a smooth raita ready.

3: Desi Raita is prepare serve with rice or roti etc.

Desi Raita
A delicious Desi Raita