Saturday, 11 May 2019

Plants in way of growth

Garden beauty of my kitchen and home garden :

My kitchen garden is very beautiful and charming it's greenary. Now a season my kitchen garden in way of growth. All plant of vegetables and fruits are in way of growing.

Flowering plants also grow and looking very beautiful and charming their fragrance scattered every where in Garden. Flowers beautiful natural color turns it's beauty more charming and increase it's freshness

Motia flowers 

There are many plants in my garden but I capture some beautiful and wonderful pictures of growing plants.

1: Guava's tree.

Guava plant also in way of growth. Very beautiful flowers blow on it and tiny guava fruit behind it.

Guava tree
Guava fruit flowers 

Guava plant
Guava plant 

2: Green chillis plant:

There are many green chillis plants are cultivated in my kitchen garden which fulfill my kitchen's need.

Green chillis plants
Green chillis plants

Chilli plant
Green chilli plant

3: Papaya tree:

Very beautiful papaya tree in way of growth. It's leaf growth increase day by day. Nearly papaya fruits come on it. Papaya is very good for stomach.

Papaya tree 


4: Kino tree:

Kino tree also in way of growth. Tiny kino fruits come on tree. Now in winter season kino prepare to ripe.

Kino tree 

5: Tomato plant :

Beautiful smell yellow color flowers come on tomatoes plants when flowers fell down then a small tiny tomatoes grow. It is very beautiful plant.

Tomatoes flowers
Tomato plant 

6: Musami tree:

There are many Musami trees in my kitchen garden. Every year in start of winter season we enjoy Musami taste. It's taste is wonderful and very delicious. Now small Musami fruit come on trees.

Musami fruit
Musami tree

7: Lemon plant:

White flowers come on lemon plants and behind it tiny lemon looking very beautiful. There are many lemon plants in my garden. Lemon are very fresh and full with juice. Every year and throughout the year I must use Lemons in pickle and also other use so in this way we can easily preserve lemon for long time.

Lemon plant
Lemon plant 

8: loquat fruit tree:

A beautiful loquat tree are in way of growth. It's shrubs scattered in wonderful way nearly loquat fruit come on it.

Loquat tree
Loquat tree 

9: Green coriander :

Green coriander looks very beautiful and grow faster. In many places of my kitchen garden I cultivated green coriander so it's easily fulfill my kitchen's need.

Green coriander
Green coriander 
10: Mint :

Mint also grow faster and fulfill my kitchen need. It natural fragrance is very beautiful and fresh. It is very good for digestion.