Thursday, 16 May 2019

Spicy Dahi baray recipe

Spicy Dahi Baray recipe :

Dahi baray is a very tasty and very delicious dish or recipe. It is very easy to prepare and take very short time for preparation.

Basically spiciness depending on your taste that how much you add masalas in food but in dahi baray spiciness increase their taste. Chaat masala also used in dahi baray but we can also prepare dahi baray masala in home very easily and it's taste is wonderful.

Dahi baray
Tasty and delicious Dahi baray 

Yogurt is very good for health especially for childrens it is a good source of calcium which strong our bones and teeth. Some peoples don't like to eat yogurt so in dahi baray they like to eat it happily if we increase its spiciness.

Now I tell about you it's presentation method.

Ingredients :

Yogurt: 1 kg
Besan: 2 cups
Backing powder: less than half tsp
Cumin: 1 tsp
Dried coriander powder 1 tsp
Red pepper: half tsp
Tomato: 2-3
Boiled potatoes: 3 to 4
Onions: 2
Green chilli: 3
Chaat masala: 3 tsp
Green Coriander: half cup
Salt: according to your taste

Preparation :

1: First of all in a bowl add besan salt, red pepper, Cumin, dried coriander powder and backing powder, add water and mixed them well until a viscous mixture ready.

2: Now in a karahi add oil and make baray or small balls of besan.

3: Now from karahi to add it in a cool water bowl for only 3 to 4 minutes and then take it in to a plate.

4: In in a large bowl add yogurt and chaat masala and mixed them well then add all above ingredients in to it.

5: Now spicy Dahi baray is ready if you want to eat more spiciness then you add chaat masala on it. It is depending on your taste and desire.